The Advantages of Aluminum Foil Products

Freshness - There are many advantages of using aluminum foil containers: compatibility to use with various types of foods, unchanged flavor, food preservation and extended shelf life of various foods. Moisture content is also maintained due to the foil's impermeable and barrier properties.

Hygiene - Due to the inertness of aluminum foil, it has proven to be an excellent container for food which do not absorb moisture or grease.

Cooking Versatility - The high-heat conductivity of aluminum foil containers allow customers to prepare food quicker using a wide variety of cooking temperatures. Aluminum foil containers can be used in all types of ovens and are the only containers with this capability.

Economical - Our cost effective aluminum foil containers are light, leak resistant, durable and versatile which make them cost effective for any business. You can cook, freeze, transport and serve food all in one single, convenient package. The containers may also be used a number of times which reduces the market cost in production.

Environmentally Friendly - Aluminum foil containers can be recycled repeatedly which has made it one of the earth's friendliest products. This is a key advantage for all planet-conscious customers.

Highly Adaptable - Aluminum packaging adapts easily to various manufacturing specifications and can be made to suit the specific needs of users in terms of size, shape, gauge, rim styles, lid closures, special coatings, decorative colors and designs or multiple compartments. Surface embossing enhances the appearance and adds a customized look to our products.